The sky above is filled with stars and there is light amidst the darkness. We too are called to shine. The simplest act of love is stronger than the insecurity of hate. Fear and confusion exist in this world so that we can respond with love. Compassion carries the weight to shatter stigma and dismantle discrimination. Fear is no longer formidable once it is replaced with understanding.

Truth is absolute strength and it is on the side of those who seek it. It is in each one of us to do good. Even in a world that is not sane, we can find peace in our humanity. Every human being has inherent value and is worthy of love. The connection we share with one another helps us to realize why we are here. We are all in this together – part of something greater than ourselves.

The moon shines bright tonight, reminding us that even this tide shall turn. Into hopeful darkness, light shines indiscriminately. The answers to the world’s problems are found in our hearts, not in our heads.

© Jason DeShaw, All Rights Reserved, 2017